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2017 Chit Chat by PR Pattie

January~Happy New Year!   I'll be sending out your 2017 membership dues renewal later this month or early February.  I have begun posting info for the 2017 gem and mineral show.  The executive board will be meeting at the end of this month to discuss the activities for the club.  If you want me to pass on your ideas, use the contact me button on this website and I will relay your suggestions.  Rock on........... Cheers, Pattie

2016 Meeting Dates

Meeting held the 4th Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm,

Church of the Pines, Minocqua, WI

July show 15 & 16 theme: Jasper

(show chairmen is: Ron Zimmer)

Stay tuned for 2016, more activities, more presentations, more rock/gem talk. We hope you will continue your participation with the Lakeland Gem Club.

Membership for 2016 are due!!!!

2015 activities so far:  We held our first Club meeting in March.  We determined the Theme for the annual show: The Legacy and Lure of Birthstones.  Included with the show will be a field trip on the Sunday after the show.  Plans are being made.  Check into this website for more activities and fun for the club in 2015.  

All about the 2012 Show

Sunday and Beyond  

Sponsors, Media, Participant.  We could not put on a show of this magnitude without your help.  The Lakeland Gem Club is appreciative of your generosity. We want to extend our gratitude to you for promoting our event, for contributing gifts, for  being part of the show through your educational partnership, for helping keep the kids entertained, for displaying your wonderful creations, and your help in preparing for the Show.  It would be impossible to organize a Show this big without your active participation.  Again, we thank you for helping us make the Show a success. 

Sincerely,  The Lakeland Gem Club Show Committee  


Last day of the show saw record crowds.  The room was abuzz with activity.  Speakers spoke, vendors talked and sold their items. Auctions were closed, raffles were drawn.  Rock creations were made.  Birds of prey were shown. Stories were shared.  Close to 3000 attended.  The show was a great success.

The breakdown of the room began in earnest after the last participant left.  Many thanks for those who helped with the breakdown of the room.

Now, all that is left are the memories and thoughts of next year.  Not so much on this Sunday after.  It is mostly unpack and rest.  But I'm sure thought of next year's theme are in the back of everyone's mind.  What can we do to top this year...............


The first day of the show!!  Yehaaa.  The participants were lined up at the door.  We opened a few minutes early to a rush of people.  It was steady and around noon we had 900 people view all the vendors, speakers, Northwoods Children's Museum, Northwood Wildlife Center, Girl Scouts making rock creatures, auctions, the rock bags were being filled (look for those purple flags).  The room was full of people, many conversations going on, knowledge being shared, excitement for the show. 

This PR person is tired but excited about all the activity and we have one more day to go!!  My pictures are not complete with descriptions yet but they are their under photos.  I'll update them in the next several days.  Enjoy the show!!!!  See you there.

Okay Folks it's Thursday


A group of show volunteers met at Members Mike and Carmel's house and loaded up all the tables.  They met other volunteers at the school where they unloaded and set up the room.  Club member Laura, Carmel, Sarah, Greg, Kathy, Bill, Jean, Kenny, Mike were all there.  This is one again the privilege of the writer.  Pattie had to go to dentist and had tooth pulled so Dale and Pattie were late to the party but when they arrived the room was perfectly arranged and ready for set up of the vendors.  All day long vendors arrived and it was generally hub bub of getting it all ready for opening day, tomorrow. 

At 6pm we all shared a potluck dinner.  The food was great!! We all love to eat and love to create dishes to share.

When Pattie got home she returned many phone calls about the show.

Tomorrow is the big day.



Getting Close to Show Time

(A Peek at what it takes to make a show successful)

We are one week away from the show

The theme was chosen right after last year's show: 

This year's theme: AMAZING AGATES

The committee was put together and started meeting shortly after the first of the year.

There were 3 Rockin' Events where members marked prices on auction items.  There are 3 ways participants can buy rocks (benefitting the Club):  Silent Auction, Store and Kids Store.  We also chose cases and cleaned them for the Club displays: Nicolet College display, Concretions, Indian Kitchen Midden, etc.  Thanks to the Club members who helped with these gynarmous tasks. 

Then there are the two Co-chairman for the show~~Member Ron and Member Mike.  There job is monumental at best.  They find vendors to participate in the show.  Not only that, but they have all the paperwork this entails and many contacts with the vendors. We also encourage vendors to have an educational display at their tables, to further our mission to educate.  We couldn't have a successful show without them!!!!!   

There are organizations that participate: Northwoods Wildlife Center and Northwoods Children's Museum.  and This year, area Girl Scouts are helping the kiddos make rock creations 

Club Member Carmel took on the colossal tasks of finding speakers for the show. It was decided that Wayne Sukow, renowned Agate expert would be asked to be the main speaker. Then Carmel set out to find other speakers.  Club Member Bill stepped up to the plate as well as President and Club Member Jim who will talks about their specialty (shells, artifacts, copper, agates).  She asked Don Kelman, Gary Richards and Phil Oliver to also be speakers. Carmel has done yeoman work in getting all of this together.  A BIG thank you Carmel,  for taking on this task.

Club Member Laura designed the awesome flyer that was placed in Minocqua, Rhinelander, Eagle River, Land O'Lakes and communities in between.  Even the Chamber of Commerce offices in and around the area have had the flyers posted for months.  Her and Club member Kathy hosted one of the Rockin' Events and their garage holds most of the Clubs rocks and miscellaneous containers that make up the show.  She also makes sure there are enough auction slips and whatever else needs to be done.  Whew, thanks Laura and Kathy for all you do for the show.

Club member Dale has contact the caterer and makes sure we have food for those that so desire to eat.  He is always involved wherever help is needed.  Dale your smile and sense of humor during these stressful times is a great big stress reliever.  Thank you for everything!!! 

Club member Pattie takes on Public Relations.  3 years ago she developed a Media list.  Throughout the year she post the show on nearly 100 websites.  Around Sept she is in contact with the 20 or so groups that publish the summer booklets that are distributed throughout the communities.  Flyers are sent to all Chambers in Apr/May so they have plenty of time to post the flyer so those visiting know there is a big event in July.  Save the date Press Releases are sent to her list of 30 news, radio, paper media.  2 more press releases are sent, one in June and one in July. 

There are road signs that many club members put out one week before the show and remove them the day after the conclusion of the show. Several club member have taken the flyer and posted them at prominent businesses in their communities. 

See the photos for all the club members that helped pull all this together.  Thanks to all of them, we can't make the show happen without your help!!!!!

If I omitted anyone, please forgive the writer of this piece and I take full responsibility.  The old saying "it takes a village" is very appropriate for preparing to present this show to the public.  My heartfelt thanks to all who helped.  This piece was submitted by Club member Pattie (your ever faithful PR, membership, mini-webmaster)

More next Thursday on set up of the highschool were the show is held......

Worker Bees

Throughout the year the Show Committee of the Lakeland Gem Club are always hard at work. It takes an enormous amount of time to organize the very successful Gem and Mineral Show.

The committee begins meeting in February to choose a Theme for the Show. Speakers, venue, details, attractions are discussed. Everyone is assigned duties: contracts, speakers, Show activities (children), educational displays, silent auction, food service, security, door greeters, and public relations.

There are many activities for children. The "Kids Store" has been a very popular venue as well as participation by the Northwoods Wildlife Center and the Northwoods Children’s Museum.

All vendors are encouraged to include an educational component to compliment the theme for the show.

Near Show time, members of the Club get together to choose and mark auction items and for general camaraderie. (see photos)

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