Born to Rock Newsletter


I am glad to get the Born To Rock newsletter going once again, as the time to rock hunt is here!

Lots of rock! News! Field trips! Shows! And much more.

First at our monthly meeting on April 25th we will be having ……

Katie Fashingbauer, she will be there with some new logo designs.. Get ideas for the new brochure and vote on a name change to Lakeland Gem and Mineral Club, whew! ( kay’s work).

Wow that’s a lot just right there. I do like the idea of a change in the clubs name as really most of us are still gems in the rough.

Logo designs….. Suggestions to add always help out. And no we cannot have Kenny holding a huge chainsaw for our logo!

The mineral ID classes were a huge success and kudo’s to Carmel and all those who pitched in to make this a reality. PR Pattie got the classes in the paper and response was great.

We have a load of people who can also add their expertise of career or craft to create more of these classes.

Mike Barber and his awesome master blaster stories. Or Bill Rickert and his amazing Thompsonites one more eye p0ping than the other. Carl Gruber and his lifelong work in mines, Carmel Schramm and her amazing creative jewelry. And on and on we have some amazing people. Jan Reed has an amazing collection of beach sand, (I told her I am getting her some from the Great Salt Lake). Plus she has a huge vacuum cleaner collection. Hey it makes sense!

Plus we all have some amazing show and tells. Maybe a meeting when people bring in their prize finds, creations and buys.

We did a thing at meetings where if we sold anything, that the club got 10% of the proceeds. Think everyone was happy with that.

Since advertising went so well we will work to try and get each months happenings listed in local papers.


Oh how many of us have had those words on our lips thoughts and dreams.

Thanks to Jan Reed we got this info:

Kyanite/garnet collecting trip - Powell, WI

Saturday, April 29, 2017

8:00am 5:30pm

Trip to State Forest to collect kyanite and garnet. Led by Austin Gausmann. Members can call 920-574-8651 or email jjmcarder@charter.net to register. Please leave your name, how many are going and a phone number where you can be reached. Deadline to register is April 24, 2017. We may be renting a van depending on the number of participants that sign up. More details available in the April 1, 2017 edition of Rockhound News. Their website is https://www.heartofwisconsinrocks.com/

This is a great fun group located around Florence Wisc. They have great field trips and are so much fun to be with.


It's been finalized! The Northwoods Geology Club has planned a field trip to the Aquila Resources BACK FORTY project (development stage zinc and gold mine).

Saturday, May 6th at 10:00 CST. Meet at E 807 Gerue Street, Stephenson, MI (their field office) for a presentation and safety briefing then on to the project site and core facility.

For those wanting to car pool or caravan we will be leaving the Iron Mountain Super One parking lot at 8:45 CST.

Please call of text Suzan Ballo at 906-284-9112 (or tell me at next week's meeting) if you plan on participating - they would like a count.

It's been finalized! The Northwoods Geology Club has planned a field trip to the Aquila Resources BACK FORTY project (development stage zinc and gold mine).

Saturday, May 6th at 10:00 CST. Meet at E 807 Gerue Street, Stephenson, MI (their field office) for a presentation and safety briefing then on to the project site and core facility.

For those wanting to car pool or caravan we will be leaving the Iron Mountain Super One parking lot at 8:45 CST.

Please call of text Suzan Ballo at 906-284-9112 (or tell me at next week's meeting) if you plan on participating - they would like a count.

Saturday June 10th

Earthaven Museum

Gillett, WI

Carmel has information on a field trip scheduled for club members, and will need to know how many people would be interested.

There would a car pool to Gillett, WI. The day would include:

A tour of the Earthaven Museum, we could go collecting at an area quarry (yea!), and finish with a BBQ on the Museum grounds. There would be a minimal charge for the BBQ and do potluck side dishes.

There is no charge for the day, but a donation from the club to the museum would be appreciated.

The Duame quarry in Lena produces fossils from trilobites to crinoids to cephalopods. There are minerals there as well including pyrite, marcasite, dolomite, sphalerite (some large crystals have been found). So a variety occurs there.


Lots of shows coming up so be sure to check dates and reserve your motel or camping sites early. I know that the Brainerd club will have a HUGE show as the annual MWF meeting is being held there as well. Great show, great great people. They are even funnier and rockier when doing a group field trip. Had them over to the house several times during their trip to da y00per.

Moose lake if you’re a laker person. Shows at ely MN June 10th, a great show in Minocqua July 14/15 with future dancing with the stars Ron Zimmer……aka cab man. I am working on setting up mine tours at Adventure and at the Caledonia mines in the Greenland and Mass City area. Also working on a field trip to the Minesota mine dump outside of Rockland Michigan. This mine dump extends for about ¾ of a mile. This would be on July 16th, and probably led by our very own Civilian Air Patrol person Dan Erickson. He has extensive knowledge of the area. More to come on this.

Then up north at Ishpeming on Aug 5th, then Copper Country Rock and Mineral show Houghton Aug 11-13. The great Quincy mine hoist swap is August 9th starts at 4 pm.

Most of the slots for rock trips at these two shows are almost filled so if you have an interest, check their websites.

If you do not have a motel spot or camping for any of these shows, make haste to reserve a place.

Spring rock hunting…. It’s like first time you go out fishing. You always forget something, probably get wet and wind up sore. You make even luck out without getting any insect bites, sunburn, or windburn.

Plan ahead, think gear, safety, extras, food, water, etc. Cover all areas.

When you get there take a break and check out the area. Then before you pack up …take a break on your body ….and stretch out. You may not want to do this, but trust me after bending, and stretching your back and buttock muscles you are using you will be sore. Muscles you normally do not use that much will let you know that you overworked them. The same goes after your back to your vehicle, ………stretch out………………… again.

Last is bring out any trash, Respect the land and the owners. But mainly enjoy the day the unique beauty of each place you walk and see. Enjoy the fellowship of old and new friends, and new finds.

OK! Stay active! Stay Rocking!



MINUTES:Oct. meeting minutes not available for review:

TREASURERS REPORT:  all approved report.


SHOW REPORT(Ron):Show title: Rock Your World with Blue..Most dealers are returning this year. Contracts ask dealers to bring theme related objects. Looking for a fossil dealer. Some suggested. Donation letters have been sent out. Member contracts go out in May. Ron will ask H.S. helpers to bring and return tables to storageunit. There will be an increase in the fee.

Ron moved the show be dedicated to the memory of Sarah Warnecke, approved.

Canteen: Mock UN again this year. Dale to contact about an improved menu.

GENERAL DISCUSSION ON SHOW:Need more white bag items. Auction table needs to be discussed next meeting. Bring ideas.What to keep, staffing, door prizes? Auction items? how to organize donations?

SCHOLARSHIPS:(Ron)$200 given to church for use of facility. Jan is the contact person. $250 to Midwest

Federation of Gem and Mineral Society’s scholarship fund.$500 for 2015-16 scholarship at LUHS. Student is to be focused on geology or at leastthe “hard” sciences. Ron filled out the forms. Bill Reardon will present the scholarship at the ceremony. Student gets $250 each semester with proof of enrollment and meeting grade requirements. Monitored by scholarship committee.Quincey Mine donation tabled til next meeting, bring thoughts.


1.Speaker for May 24th 6:30pm meeting: Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Great Lakes Area, by Jeff Lynott. Gregg and Bill will get info into the local papers. Thanks Carmel for setting this up….

2.Discussion on new table purchases. Have funds set aside for more new tables. Concern that other new ones don’t hold up. How to dispose of the old ones? Is there any provision in our constitution that covers liquidating the clubs assets if the club, as nonprofit, disbands? No decisions

3.Ron read an email from Carmel Schramm that said that Mike has just been diagnosed with acute Leukemia. Mike will be at St. Joseph’s Hospital for several weeks. Carmel is able to be down there through a loan of a trailer. Drop them a note of encouragement:Mike Schramm,St. Joseph’s Hospital, Room 825, 611 St Joseph Ave,MarshfieldWI54449. . Phone# 715.499.6898…email: carmel@simplylivingjewelry.com..

4.We need a hard copy Membership Directory. Work with Pattie to develop an electronic format with club member info for printing to be available to club members. Most membership dues should be in by now.Kay can help as needed.

5.Suggested that Kelly’s materials on microcrystalline quartz could be printed for the show. Jasper is mentioned there. We need to contact Kelly to get permission to print and to see if he has an electronic copy of it that we can work from.Contact Dale for info. (Kay)

6.A BIG thanks to Dale and Pattie for keeping our gears rolling! To Dale for his helpful notes for the meeting and Pattie for PR and membership records.. We are so happy to know that we are still your home club!. . Dale and

Pattie Hartmann love us so much that they have let us know how to find them! New address:24012

Oneco Rd. ,Calumet,MI49913 (near the airport)email: Dale: brujodale@coslink.net. (that may change)

7.Florence Show/Swap Meet contact: Suzan Ballo, Website: northwooodsgeologyclub.org

Bill moved, Ron 2nd, all approved….. meeting adjourned….Submitted by Kay Guthrie

October 24, 2015
Welcome by president Bill Reardon. 15 persons in attendance.
2 non-members present—Kevin Moreno & Gary Peters.
Minutes from September meeting approved. Treasurer reported $6042.49 in our checking account. Treasurers report approved.
Condolences offered by club members to Jim Warnecke for the passing of his wife Sarah.
Old Business: Members present approved giving the Hartmann’s the large rock saw that is in their garage, as long as club members could still use it if so desired. Members voted to give $200 to the church; $250 to the Midwest Federation; and $500 to Lakeland HS for scholarships. Ron Zimmer will handle the process for the donations. More research needed in order to give the Quincy Mine Hoist a donation. Greg Guthrie will get more info on the organization for the next meeting. A discussion by club members about Jasper—just what is it and the different varieties such as agate, chert, etc. Ken Wierschem brought up a possible field trip in spring to the Wausau area to look for moonstone. That would have to be done “on the spur of the moment” possibly in March or April as soon as the snow is off. Bill Reardon contacted the MWF about hosting an event in conjunction with our show sometime in the future. The MWF is booked thru 2017.
New Business: The club held elections for officers and board members. The members unanimously approved the candidates: Bill Reardon as president; Jan Reed as VP; Dale Hartmann as secretary; Ron Zimmer as treasurer. Board members are Ken Weinborn, Bill Rickerts, & ? Discussion about when to hold our next meeting. It was decided that our next official meeting will be Tuesday, April 26, 2016. A possible informal meeting/dinner may be held in January by Jan Reed. Jan will contact members about that. Sue had some nice displays of some beautiful slabs and rock specimens from a collector in Grants Pass, Oregon. The persons husband passed away who was a serious rock hound and had a very nice collection. What was on display was only a tiny part of his collection that his wife wants to sell/dispose of. The club voted to approve a motion to buy the items for $200 and use them for next years silent auction at the club’s show. They are really nice specimens which will add some quality to our silent auction.
The meeting adjourned at 7:30 and 12-14 members headed to Monicals for pizza. A very good and enjoyable meeting. Happy Thanksgiving! (Christmas, New Years, & Easter too)

Bill Reardon

Born To Rock

Minutes of the Lakeland Gem Club for the monthly meeting held on April 28, 2015 at Lake of the Pines Church in Minocqua Wisconsin.

President Bill opened the meeting at 6:31 pm by banging the gavel. We were all glad to see Bill back from the south.

Bill then asked if there was any changes, corrections or additions to last month’s minutes. Bill Rickert made a motion to approve and Carol seconded the motion. All members voted ARRR (yes).

Bill then asked for the treasurer’s report by Ron. Dale made a motion to approve the report, and Pattie seconded the motion, all members stated ARRR.

Bill then asked Ron for a Show Committee report. Ron stated that we have ten dealers who have sent in their contracts for the show. Ron stated that he has not heard back from kevin ponzio, john heiken, jerrys coins, and Bernies rock shop. Dale has offered to contact those dealers to see if they will be doing the show.

Ron stated that he was contacted by the student advisor for a group of Lakeland High School students who plan to attend the United Nations conference next year. The students are eager to do the moving set up/take down/ back to storage of the tables at our show. They will also be doing the food court to get additional funds.

Dale and Pattie talked to the group earlier at a home show and they were very energetic, and they had their parents backing for more support. The group was excited to be offered the chance to work our show. What the club will pay them to do the table work, will be used by the students to cover the startup costs of their food sales.

Ron was looking for help in the setup of getting some presenters for our show. Dale offered to handle that aspect and would contact some members for suggestions. Dale has already asked Kay and Gregg to do one of the presentations on their great copper collection. Dale suggested that we ask Kelley Laughlin of the Florence Geological Club to do a presentation at both a monthly meeting and at the show as well. Kelley has done presentations on both Iron Country metals and minerals and the Chalcedony groupings. Dale will be following through with Kelley.

Pattie talked with Bart of the wildlife Center and they will be doing the show.

Dale has tried multiple times to contact the owners of the mine dumps that we would like to rock hunt at, but to date no response. We aretrying to set up an organized rock hunt the Sunday after the show.

Bill then asked our webmaster for a website count on our club’s Website. The counts of people going into the site and looking at pages were as follows:

January 2,016, February 1,812 March 1,779 April to date total was 1,478

Pattie gave a membership update on those who responded to the membership renewal mail. We have shown a good increase in members since last year.

Old Business

We once again discussed the option of giving a grant to a high school student who plans to attend college for a geological type degree. It was decided that it was too late to do this for 2015. Then discussion was made which was better, to give a grant to a first year student or a junior or senior in college. Mike Barber stated that one group he is in tried to do that with the 3rd and 4th year students and that it was harder than doing a grant to a first year student. Topic was tabled for now.

Dale has a friend whose ten year old son is a rock collector and has a very serious possibly terminal heart disease. We will research him and maybe the club could do a donation to the family as well.

We then talked about a possible trip down to Chuck’s at Red Granite. Dale suggested that the club buy some nicer end specimens to sell at our silent auction tables. Several of the members want to buy from Chuck as well.

We then closed the meeting and watched a great presentation of new European Agate sites and the various types of agates found.

We then did a show and tell of our rocks. Gregg showed us some nice materials he found at jade cove in California. Ron showed us some nice Tucson items including grape opal, orpament?? And Pinolitic? I believe I have slayed those last couple minerals. Kenny brought in some of his recent jasperlite finds.


The March 2015 meeting was opened by Vice President Jan Reed at 6:37 pm.

The meeting started with approval of the minutes of the last meeting. No additions or corrections were added to the minutes. Mike made a motion to approve, pattie seconded the motion. All members voted ARRR (yes) to approve the minutes.

Mike Schramm gave the treasurer’s report due to Ron enjoying the Arizona sun. Laura made a motion to approve the report with Dale making a second on the motion. All members voted arrr to approve.

Jan then asked Mike to give an update on the show committee actions.

Mike reported that all of the regular vendor’s contracts were mailed out and they have a deadline of May 15 to return them.

Mike stated that all of the letters sent to vendors asking for auction items have been sent out. I think we have board member Bill to thank for that. Contracts for members requesting tables will be sent out either in April or May.

The final correct wording of the theme of the show will be

The legacy and allure of birthstones

Each member will be asked to have something related to the theme on their table(s).

It was felt very appropriate that this year’s show be dedicated to long time friend and rock doctor Professor GaryRichards.

A suggestion was made that we get email’s of people attending the show rather than other information we have requested in the past.

Dale is still working to get a mine tour, and rock hunting trip to the Minesota mine for the Sunday after the show. The one Mine tour at the Adventure Mine tours is set.

We still have enough coloring books to meet demands for this year’s show.Grab bag material has been obtained to use for the kid’s grab bags.

Dale will be looking for a school group to handle the food court.

We had some new members present so we then went around the room and introduced ourselves and a bit about what we do or did.

Jan closed the meeting at 7:50.

We then had a very nice show and tell with lots of rocks to show. Bill Rickert back from Tucson showed us a malachite jewelry box, slabs of dendritic agate and ocean poppy jasper. Shock had some great local finds. Dale had some half breeds (copper/silver) and datolites. Kenny had some great local finds as well. Mike had an awesome array of gems from Africa including rare garnets, rubies, tanzanite and other eye popping specimens.

The next meeting is this coming Tuesday at 6:30 pm church of the pines on 51 South and Chicago. Please bring any new finds or buys to show all the members.

We all wish both Peg (Carl’s wife) and Jim Firkus to get well soon!




Secretary Dale opened the meeting at 6:30pm, and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Pattie stated we had four new members and introduced all four to the club. The new members stated their name, where they lived and a bit about why they joined the club.

Dale then asked if there was any changes corrections or additions to last month’s minutes. Mike made a motion to approved, seconded by Carol. All members voted ARRRRRRR! (It’s one of the club’s rock Joke).

We then heard from Treasurer Ron who gave the treasurer’s report. Ron stated that the club had no money, (April Fool to you snowbirds), Actually Ron stated that the club now has $4,551.43 in the bank. Dale made a motion to approve report, seconded by Pattie and Arrrrr’d by all members.

Ron gave an update on the show committee and what is going on for the annual show. Ron has sent out 20 contracts to dealers for the July 18/19 show. He has also signed a contract with the school to rent the school premises for the 2014 show. Ron will get back to the club with the rental charges. We do know that Al Mitterling the Meteorite man will also be doing our show this year.

Ron passed out the show mini flyers to the members to post and have at available at other rock shows. He also stressed the fact that the show needs more volunteers. We truly count on members to all pitch in to make it a great show to attend.

Old Business:

Dale got the contract signed with the Klondike day’s organizers and passed out the members pass for those doing the show. Carol, Ron, Dale and Pattie will be doing the Klondike Days show. We have 12 tables to fill, so Pattie made two display boards showing club activities and one on membership. Dale and Pattie got two display cases from the storage and created up a nice mineralogical display.

Dale asked again for any pictures or stories from member’s rock hunting trips.

Ron made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Bill and all members voted ARRRR.

Meeting was closed at 6:50pm.

We then had a great show and tell with lots of stories and interest. Our new member chuck brought a nice selection of lakers that he has found. Kenny had some of his latest finds plus his Chinese baskets, Dale brought in silver specimens, bill had nice thomsonite. Shock brought his latest finds from the reservation area.

We then watched a very interesting presentation on seam agate formations and collections in the southwest.

Lakeland Gem Club Minutes

October 2013


President Bill Reardon opened the meeting at 6:30 and welcomed everyone.

A review was completed of last month’s minutes, and Ron and Carol made motions to accept said minutes, motion passed.

Bill then asked treasurer Ron Zimmer to give his report to the club. Ron stated that thanks to Bill Reardon’s efforts the school district realized that they overcharged the club for use of the school facilities for the annual show.

They also did not charge us for usage on Thursday night as there were other programs underway during that time.

Sarah and Dale made motions to accept the treasurer’s report, motion passed.

New Business

The members decided not to have a meeting in both November and December, and to have a winter party in January which would include a catered meal. Currently we are looking at the first Sunday in January at the Church of the Pines. Backup date will be January 12th. Each person is asked to bring 3 wrapped gifts, (no used metal gears please as Kenny will bring one). We also ask that everyone bring cookies so that we can have a cookie swap with extras to take home.

Dale suggested that the club make both Bertha Wurl and Mike’s nephew Ian as honorary club members for the year 2014. Bertha was a hoot at the show, and she donated quite a bit of great rock for our show. Ian was a trooper and worked the auction tables and was a super help! All members voted yes to this suggestion. Ron, I need a couple membership cards please.

Pattie stated that we have four new members in the club since our last meeting.

Dale then asked again for new pictures of any rock hunting trips or adventures to put on the club’s webpage (www.lakelandgemclub.com).

President Bill then opened the floor to nominations for the elections of officers for the Lakeland Gem Club 2014.

After a short and not heated discussion, it was decided to vote the current officers back to their positions, and to add Sarah Sloan as the Vice President.The motion to vote on this slate was approved with no other candidates or suggestions made, so our officers for 2014 are:

PresidentBill Reardon

Vice PresidentSarah Sloan

TreasurerRon Zimmer

Secretary/webmasterDale Hartmann

Bill then opened the floor to nominations needed to fill our 3 board member positions. After light discussion and a bit arm twisting, we then voted to approve our 3 new board members for 2014, which are:

Jan Reed

Bill Rickert

Jane (the model) Wierschem

Bill then asked Ron for a show committee report on the 2014 annual show.

Ron stated that Sarah is now the co-chair of our coming show July 18/19, 2014.

Ron is still needing someone to run the silent auction and to help doing PR for the show. This same message was brought up multiple times that “it takes good teamwork to make a show successful”. We need to get more volunteer help for the coming show both doing work months before the show and before during and after the show.


Bill then asked if there was any old business to discuss.

Dale stated that we will be getting 12 tables for Klondike days www.klondikedays.org on March 1st 2nd at the northland pines high school in eagle river. The organizers will provide a free entry pass and parking pass for those who are participants at the show. The organizers request that we have a lapidary demonstration, and a mineral display. Ron will be doing some type of lapidary demonstration. Bring a soft chair if you plan to do the show. Please contact Dale if you have an interest.

Ken Wierschem stated he made copies of our 2013 rock show dvd and the vhs tape that Dale purchased for the club on copper mining in Michigan. These will be shown at the winter party or at monthly meetings. Thanks to Ken for his efforts on getting this for the club member’s enjoyment.

Jan Reed stated that the club has the use of the church for 2014 for our meetings the 4th Tuesday of each month except November and December.

Dale and Sarah made a motion to close the meeting, motion approved and meeting closed at 7:05pm.

Before I begin the monthly minutes, I would like to reiterate our plans for this month’s meeting.

We will have a short meeting covering the business aspects, new and old business then we will adjourn and head to Monical’s Pizza north on 51.

We are hoping to see those of you who have not been able to attend some of our last meetings. This is a great way to find out about what has been going on, and a time where we can sit back eat and chat. So please plan on attending. Please ASAP me if you can before tomorrow night.

We MISS all of those who have not been around for a bit, so please come by for a quick meeting and some really great pizza. If you have not had a Monicals, you are in for a treat.

Born to rock  Lakeland gem club monthly meeting September 24, 2013

Vice President Bill Reardon opened the meeting at 6:40pm, then he introduced Mr. Jeff Lynott who was the night’s presenter. Jeff was a presenter at our last gem show. Since majority of members could not attend his presentation at the show, this was a great way to see it. His presentation is:


Jeff gave a great power point presentation showing some of the locations his job, and the required travelling all over the globe. He showed pictures of his locations which ranged from minus 30/40 in north Canada to the arid hot 110 degree deserts. From working in frozen swamps to do core sampling to conductivity tests in bedrock, to mining waste remediation’s to actual field sampling out in the boonies with little or no support.

It was a great presentation and we are glad that it was recorded at our last gem show.

Past minutes were discussed, and no one had any additions or corrections, minutes were approved as is.

Ron gave a treasurer’s report. Dale made a motion to approve and mike seconded the motion. All members voted ARRRRRR to approve. In club speak, arrrr means yes.

Mike and Ron gave a show committee report to the members, and the main topic was about the ongoing charges for the use of the school facilities. Bill will be in touch with the school board members.

All show expenses have been paid, but there remains the question of how much money to give to the girl scouts who helped out at the show.

It was also brought up we need a theme for the 2015 gem show. After discussions, it was decided that:


Bill then asked webmaster Dale for the latest hit count on the clubs website. The site had 2028 hits in July, 1562 in August, and so far in September it is at 1328.

Dale also asked the members for any field trip pictures so that he could add them to the site. New pictures are also great as it brings back people to see what is new.


Parts of the dvd filmed during our last rock show were shown, and there were requests by members about getting a copy of the entire dvd.

Dale asked Ron when the check was cashed that was sent to the Seamans Museum as a club donation which then gives us a sponsorship on one of the cabinets in the museum. Ron stated that it was cleared on 2/26/13. While participating in the copper retreat in Houghton, he did not see the clubs name listed in the museum. Dale will follow up to see what happened to our donation.

Election of officers for the 2014 term will be completed at next month’s meeting. Consider the glory, high esteem and honor of being one of the clubs officer’s.


Dale suggested that we make Bertha Wurl and Mike’s nephew honorary members in the club for 2014. Bertha’s donations, and Nathan which is Mike’s nephews many hours in the auction tables were a huge boost to the show’s success.

Dale brought up that there are new owners of the mine piles in Ontanagon County and the Caledonia mine. He wants to get with other local rock clubs and present a unified letter from all the clubs to the new owners which basically talks about future possible field trips to those mine dumps.

The possibility of having a club meeting in November was discussed and it was tabled until next month’s meeting. 

Dale suggested that the club either do an all catered meal by Roulens, or we could buy items by the pound and drive it to the church for the party. This was also tabled until the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:17.

              Lakeland Gem club August 2013

Before I start the minutes, there is an update on the presentation that will be given at our regularupcoming meeting.

The presentation will be presented by Mr. Jeff Lynott, who is a geologist who lives in the Rhinelander area. The topic of his presentation will be


The presentation will begin at 6:30 pm before the regular meeting in case someone wants to catch the presentation, but not the meeting.

                             BORN TO ROCK

Minutes of the monthly meeting of the the Lakeland Gem Club on August 27, 2013.

Vice President Bill Reardon opened the meeting at 6:55 pm.

No discussion was made about the minutes of last meeting, nor were there any changes or additions.

Ron gave the treasurer’s report of new expenses and incomes, and stated the club has $3,597.62 in its account. Dale made a motion to accept, and Ken seconded the motion. Motion was passed unanimously.

Ron then gave a show committee report to the club members. One area of main concern was the cost of the high school for the show.

There was a long discussion mainly about two aspects of the show.

First, is the charge the school district is placing on the club for the school rental. The Chamber of Commerce cannot help in this aspect, as they state you have to have contact with the school board members. After more discussion Bill Reardon offered to go to the school board and present our concerns over the cost of the school rental. He wants to make the board aware of the community involvement that we create in doing the annual show. The members also stated that the show is an educational event that involves all ages of kids, pre teens and teenagers. The show is geared to be an educational experience that educates people on rocks, geology, meteorites, fossils, gemstones, jewelry, artifacts, native wildlife and creative art projects. There are a lot of hands on experiences for all at the show. Jan has offered to go along with Bill to meet the board.

Second, if the school board does not reduce costs, then maybe the club should consider to host the show at a different venue location. Locations in Minocqua were discussed, as well as the ice arena and high school in Eagle River.

Ron then showed the club a thank you letter from the Childrens Museum, thanking us for including them each year in our show.

Ron then stated that Mike and Carmel are stepping down from the show committee and that he is looking for someone to help co-chair the annual show. We are also looking for someone to take over the PR position. Pattie stated she has all the contact information, dates, and all the information needed to do the position. All this information was passed over to Ron until someone takes over in PR. We are also looking for someone to run the silent auction next year.

Discussion was then turned to how we can get more members to join, and how to get more help in setting up and doing the show. A possible solution brought up was to actually hire some people to do specific work or duties at the show.

At the end of the show this year, we had a lack of enough people and trucks to do the breakdown, bring in road signs, and move all the rocks and tables to the storage unit. A group had to come back that following Wednesday to load up the rocks and tables and take them to storage. Thanks to those of you who helped out.

Ron also stated we got our annual bill from the local chamber for nonprofit member dues which is $125, and the club approved to pay the dues.

Old Business:

Dale asked Ron if the check the club wrote to the Seaman’s Museum for $200 was processed. The check was processed, but our club name is not listed on the listing of those who donated to the museum. Dale will find out why our club was not listed.

Dale stated that the number of hits on our club website was 1068 in june, 2028 in july, and so far in August about 1200.

New Business:

Annual elections of officers will be held at our October meeting. Please consider pitching in and helping out the club, experience is not required, only a desire to help out the club.

Meeting was closed at 7:25.

We then had a show and tell of some really great rock and artifact finds along with a presentation. The presentation was out takes of the video made at our last show.

Next month’s presentation will be: What does a geologist do anyway??


Minutes of the Lakeland Gem Club meeting
June 25, 2013

Vice President Bill Reardon opened the meeting the meeting at 6:30 pm.  Last months minutes were discussed, and a motion was made by Pattie and Dan to approve said minutes. Minutes were unanimously approved by members.

Ron gave a treasurer’s report stating the club has currently $4,020.38 in its account. Motions made by Dale and Jan to approve the treasurer’s report and members voted to approve.
Show Committee report
Mike passed around sign up sheets to members so that they could sign up for volunteering duties at the annual show. Carmel has the schedule for the speakers doing presentations at the show. There will be 2 presentations each day of the show. Presentation times will be at 11 am and 1 pm.

Ron has all the mailing labels of companies, and we will be asking for donations for the show.

We will no longer do the blue information slips at the greeter’s table, to keep the flow through the greeter’s table. Val will be cutting the material for the kids rock bags, and Ron’s mother in law will sew the material into bags.

Phil Oliver will provide the materials for the kids table. After discussions it was decided to have the kids make rock faces as they were a big hit last year. It was also decided to move the kids table over by the Children’s Museum and the Wild Life centers tables.

Mike suggested that the club cancel the order for 6 foot tables, and instead buy 15 each of the 8 foot tables. All members voted to change the table purchases to buy 15, six-foot tables. Members discussed getting rid of the old very heavy tables we currently own.

Rock pricing parties will be held at the storage unit across from the high school in Minocqua, dates to be announced.

Club web site report.
Dale stated we had 900 visits to the club site in May, and so far in June, we had 1021 visits.

Motion was made by Dale and Bill Rickert to close the meeting at 6:40 pm, and the motion was approved.

A show and tell of people’s new rock finds continued after the meeting.

Born To Rock

Lakeland Gem Club Minutes for club meeting 5/28/2013

President Jim opened meeting at 6:30 pm.

No changes or corrections were made to the minutes for the April meeting. Motion made by mike barber, and seconded by mike schramm. All members voted to accept the minutes.

The treasurer’s report was given by Mike. Pattie made a motion to accept, and dale seconded the motion. All members approved the report.

Mike gave a short show committee report, and stated contracts were sent out to vendors. There were discussions on various aspects of the show like where to place the display cases, location of silent auction tables and greeters duties. Our caterer will deliver a hot sliced smoked ham for the pot luck dinner, and provide the tasty usual catered meal.

If you have yet to sign up for the pot luck dinner and what to bring, please contact either carmel or dale with what you plan to bring.

Jan will check with the chamber to see if they know of any volunteers.

Mike stated that Carmel is handling the speakers for the show, and we will have two speakers each day of show.

We will purchase a spin and win wheel for the show. It will have numbers 1-8 with a rock on each number. We will have rocks for a 25 cents per spin and rocks for a $1 a spin.

We will have a rock pricing party, date to be announced by mike. It will be held at the new storage unit across from the high school in minocqua.

The rocks and display cases were moved from kathys garage, as well as material from dale and patties garage. Dale put 3 tables in the unit to be used for the rock pricing. We will be pricing some of our old rock plus the new rock purchased which includes cabs, slabs and rough material.

The truck that usually hauls the tables needs repairs. An update will be given on the truck and its availability.

Kenny will also be part of the overnight security team, and spend the night in the school.

Dale gave an update on hits on the clubs website. This month we had 900 hits, with show dates getting the most hits.

Our old business and new business was discussed then mike made motion to adjourn and pattie seconded the motion. Meeting was closed at 7 pm.

Bill Reardon our new vice president then introduced Kay and Gregg Gutherie and that their presentation would be on the aquiring of their fantastic rock collection. The stories behind each specimen were great, and added to the presentation. Thanks again to the Gutheries for a super presentation.

We then had a general show and tell of rocks. Shock brought in some great rocks from his area, kenny brought hematite and agates, and dale and pattie brought float copper and agates.

Before I begin the minutes, I wanted to pay respects to our long time member Kathy Peterson who passed away. Her smile, and her time and energy will be sorely missed. The celebration of life gathering held in her honor had a huge turnout. We learned a lot about Kathy that no one knew about. Her top secret work during WWII, her design work of torpedoes as well, and a biker, and loving mom to all. She remains in our hearts!




President Jim opened the meeting at 6:30 PM.

The minutes of last months meeting were approved after motions by Pattie and Dan to approve said minutes. Members voted unanimously to approve.

Ron Gave a treasurer’s report. Ron then gave an outline of what expenses were incurred, and what he paid out.

Dale made a motion to approve the report and was seconded by Jan. All members voted to approve said report.


Mike stated he would be passing around volunteer sign up sheets for duties at the annual show.

Carmel is taking care of the speakers for the show. There will be 2 speakers on each day. Those speakers will be listed and the topics of their talks will be at a later date.

Ron mailed out the donation requests to companies for items we can use for the silent auctions at the show.

Discussions were held, on whether to use the blue information slips or not at this years show. It was decided to not pass out the information sheets. This would speed up working with those coming into the show. The committee feels that we have enough information on those who attend the annual show. The last two years of information show about the same results and counts for both years.

Val has volunteered to cut the material for the kids rock bags, and Ron’s mother in law will sew the bags.

Phil Oliver has offered to supply rock slabs for the kid’s table. These will be used to make stone faces.

It was suggested to move the kid’s table over by the wildlife center and children’s museums tables.

The members then discussed which tables were best for the show, the cheaper 6 footers or the 8 footers. It was decided to first cancel the order of 20 each 6-foot tables, and to amend the order to 15 each of the 8-foot tables from Menards.

Pat made a motion to accept the order change, and Jim seconded the motion. All members approved the motion.

Other topics discussed included:

*Getting rid of some of the very heavy out dated tables the club owns.

*The planning of rock pricing parties.

*The location of the display cases, and silent auction areas at the show.

The club has rented a storage unit across from Lakeland Union High School. The monthly cost will be less than $50. The tables, excess rock, display cases, equipment and storage cabinets will be stored at the unit.

The topic then turned to setting up a date to move the club’s items from Kathy’s garage to the newly rented storage unit. Dale will send out emails when a date has been confirmed.

Dale gave a report on the clubs website which included the number of visits, which for the month was 1100, that is a very high count for the second month in a row.

Dale made a motion to close the meeting, which was seconded by Bill, all members voting arrrrrrrrrr.

Submitted by Dale Hartmann

Born To Rock Minutes March 2013

President Jim called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm.

Jim did a review of the Klondike days and the response to club members, their displays and sales. Sales were very good for the club members this year. An honorarium was paid to the club by Klondike day officials.

The minutes of last months meeting was discussed, and there was no additions or corrections. Mike made a motion to approve, and Kenny seconded the motion. All members approved the minutes.

Ron gave the treasurers report. The checks written during the month included a $250 donation to the A.E. Seamans museum at Michigan Tech. Another check was sent to the MWF for the clubs liability insurance and member’s fees which was $ 125. Dale made a motion to approve, and Bill R seconded the motion. All club members approved.

Mike then gave an update on the Show committee work completed. The contracts were yet to be sent out to the regular vendors.

Months ago, Ron had the club members write out ideas on our annual show, what members liked and what needed improvement. We discussed all of the ideas so that mike can present them to the show committee’s next meeting. The goal is to keep improving the quality of the annual show.


It was brought up that we need a person to take over the position of Vice President. Bill Reardon offered to take over this position. Thank you Bill for stepping up and taking over.

Kenny asked about a field trip down to the Red Granite rock shop. Due to Chucks’ illness, Dan will call and find out if his shop is open. Dan will also ask if Chuck has any lower end items he would like to donate to the club to sell at our show.



Dale asked if the club should buy 20 more new tables to be used at our annual show, and for any additional needs the club may have. This is to avoid having to haul around the very heavy, and very outdated tables currently stored in Mike and Carmel's garage. Members agreed that the newer plastic top tables worked very well at our last show.

Pattie made a motion to buy an additional 20 new six foot tables, and Bill seconded the motion. All members voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

The members then held discussions about having the club rent a storage unit in Minocqua so that we can move the following items:

Old tables from Mike & Carmel’s garage,

The old equipment in Dale and Pattie’s garage,

Store the new 20 tables to be purchased from Menard’s

Club material, and display cases now in Kathy and Laura’s garage.

Kay Guthrie has volunteered to get pricing on the storage units available in Minocqua, thanks in advance Kay!

A motion was made by Jim and seconded by Mike to approve this project. Members voted unanimously to approve the motion.

The club was then made aware of Kathy Peterson’s failing health. All members were asked to include Kathy in their thoughts and prayers.

Dale made a motion to close the meeting, and seconded by Ron, meeting was closed by President Jim at 7:25pm.

The club members then did a show and tell of their new rock finds.

Next months meeting will be April 23rd, and all are asked to bring any new finds for a show and tell. We will also have a presentation on Thunder Agates, which was given at the International Agate show in 2012.

Lakeland Club Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2013


Club members had an open conversation period discussing club items and agendas before the meeting began.

President Jim called the meeting to order at 7 PM, and began talking about the upcoming Klondike Days, and the clubs activities there.

Jim gave the club members the set up times, and hours of operation each day.  Club members will be setting up small displays either on their own tables or on separate tables if there are enough for the second option. The collections will be the topic of our next show, which are minerals of the Great Lakes region.

It was also brought up that there is a free dinner at the end of the show on Sunday. The dinner will be in the outside food tent behind the horse stables next to the high school.


Discussion followed that according to the bylaws, only club members who qualify can have a table with the club. The qualifier is things like helping at our annual show, how many times members show up for meetings, rock pricing parties and such. There was agreement that the bylaws should be followed, especially when it comes to getting a free table at Klondike Days.

Ron gave the treasurer’s report. Dale made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, and Virginia seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Ron gave a show committee update. Contracts have yet to be sent out to last year’s vendors. Ron is hoping that the school district gives the club a break on the price to use the hall. Last year the club was not charged for the janitors times Thursday during our set up times. Ron will keep the club up to date on any discussions with district management on this years’ charge.

Jan stated she has had some discussions with Beth at the Minocqua Chamber of Commerce about our upcoming show. Beth suggests recruiting volunteers to help with the show and possible set up and take down as well. Jan also stated the chamber has a listing of all the marquee signs, so that we can try and get our show listed on them, which would also include the Torpy Park marquee. The club show will be listed in the chamber event calendars.


Discussions were started about getting some help either volunteers or pay a group to assist with the setup and take down of the show. It was suggested that we have shorter work shifts for the club volunteers.

Dale will contact the Northern Pines High School. He saw a segment on channel 12 that showed students doing community work for school credits. He will contact them to see if they can assist us with the annual show.

Dale made a motion for the club to buy a metal detector right now, as Dan’s inventory of our usual unit was very low. Jan seconded the motion to buy the usual $260 detector for the show raffle. All members approved the motion to buy a metal detector for the show. All the members then approved the show report.

Pattie gave a membership report stating that most current members have paid their 2013 annual dues. She will send out the second renewal letter with the membership form to all those still unpaid. Pattie has also sent out an email to members showing all of the clubs meeting dates and show dates. She also reported that she has the annual show listed on approximately 35 websites: TV, radio, chambers, rock clubs.

Dale gave an update on the club’s website and the hits on the site. For January the site had 946 visitors, and February had a total of 920. This count is only those hits who actually going into the website and looking around, and not the spammers hitting the front page. Pattie has been updating the site with our current events, and Dale updates the upcoming shows.

Jim then brought up that Val resigned as the VP of the club due to lack of time to do the duties required. Jim then requested that someone needs to step up to take over these duties. The duties are to set up the monthly presentations, and to run the monthly meetings if the president is absent.

Chainsaw Kenny asked if there would be a club trip down to Chuck’s at Red Granite. Chuck will be contacted to see if all is ok with him, and if he is open for business.

Dale brought up that the clubs inventory of rocks to sell at our show is reduced due to the l

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